Friday night with the pony ðŸ’™

Brought a very sleepy and subdued Charmer in tonight to spend a few hours the cool of the stable, mixing up his current grass-heavy diet with a little hay, and most importantly catching up on his rest. 

In these long and lovely days of summer, there’s so much sunshine to be soaked up and grazing to do, and the days become a blur with more going on for me away from the farm too and nightly field checks brief and relaxed. 

Now and then though, we opt for a night in; and tonight as we wound our way round from the field side by side it was lovely to ring the changes, to pull down the thrown-up straw bankings into a full and comfy bed for the flat-out snoozing I’ve no doubt Charmer will do later, peel hay from the bale and freshen up the abandoned water drinker. 

Most of all though, it’s lovely just to spend some quality time together. It comes easy in winter, with such rigid routines and so much time inside; but summer is a different character. I love the independence it offers Charmer every year – how much he bonds with his field mates and works out his own days’ patterns, and how very chilled out he looks when I arrive with a treat and a fly spray – but I miss, all the same, the closeness of all our time spent more together. 

Tonight though, a sleepy head on my shoulder, lip drooping, swallows flicking back and forth overhead, making him jump awake now and then as he doses off, it’s lovely just to be still and take a little break from the summer field. 💙

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. X 

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