Happy 100th birthday to little Rosie-ham… ❤️

The littlest member of our household, Rosie, was celebrating a milestone today at 2 1/2 years old. She is doing amazingly well for her age, being a Campbell’s x Russian Winter White, and both breeds being listed as among the shortest life expectancies of hamster variations at 1 1/2 – 2 years. From as closeContinue reading “Happy 100th birthday to little Rosie-ham… ❤️”

Vet trip for Ty, and treat night back home… 

Our little mischief have been on a jaunt to the vets’ tonight as wee Ty had an abscess appear last night which was causing him pain and needed some attention. Poor Shy Ty has probably spent more time in my arms in the last couple of days than he has in the year and aContinue reading “Vet trip for Ty, and treat night back home… “

Blossom, ducklings and getting back to summer routines – Hello May! 

It’s hard to believe we are already over half-way through May already and hurtling towards half-way through 2016 – but with the weather finally holding, heat in the air from first thing and the skies blue more days than not, summer is pretty much here; and has brought with it all its usual beauty andContinue reading “Blossom, ducklings and getting back to summer routines – Hello May! “

Overdue update on the pets!

Been a while since I posted here with plenty having been going on in recently both with the pets and without; and it is lovely to be back to this, reading through updates from the other pets and lives I love to follow and gathering thoughts on our little ones (and big one!) too. AllContinue reading “Overdue update on the pets!”

Happy Easter from us all…

Been enjoying a lovely long Easter weekend here, with very much a mix of weather but plenty of sunshine mixed in between rain, hailstones and whipping wind and today particularly been enjoying a quiet Easter Sunday at the farm with the pony and back at home… The boys enjoying the lazy day… … And theirContinue reading “Happy Easter from us all…”